Joint Educational Programs

RYIF and RYI conduct joint educational programs for Buddhist studies. RYIF engages experts in Buddhist education for curriculum development and for supporting the administration of programs.

RYIF provides financial aid to help students participate in the educational programs. RYIF attracts and recruits students for the educational programs.

Research Projects

Rangjung Yeshe Institute Research Projects

RYIF supports researchers at RYI on various areas of Buddhist studies and Buddhist languages.

Center for the Study of Apparent Selves:

RYIF supports the Center for the Study of Apparent Selves:

“Where Selves Are Mere Appearance: A Translation of Being, Agency and Ethics in AI and Buddhism.” 

Support Service Projects

RYIF supports Academic Program Development in the following areas:

  • Online and Distance Learning Program
  • IT Enhancement and Portal Design
  • Marketing Enhancement
  • Organizational Development