The act of generosity is a defining practice in the Buddhist tradition, and thus, RYIF welcomes support from friends and associates around the world to help realize our vision of providing all those who are interested with access to a living Buddhist tradition. RYIF creates this opportunity for the practice of generosity in order to foster the qualities of wisdom and compassion in our world. Now more than ever, due to the current global situation regarding the pandemic, RYIF needs your help in order to support RYI and its students by keeping tuition fees as low as possible. RYIF is a non-profit organization and its funding to RYI is used to cover the costs of running the courses and the institute. RYI’s goal is to make the tuition fees accessible to everyone.

Endowment Fund

For over 2000 years, the monastic community has been dedicated to study, reflection and meditation and been the life force of the living Buddhist tradition. The Rangjung Yeshe Institute, situated in Kathmandu, Nepal, makes the Buddhist teachings available to students from all over the world in a professional and rigorous manner in a unique way, combining academic and scientific methods with traditional Tibetan pedagogy and methodology. Since 2002, the Institute also provides, in association with Kathmandu University, accredited university degrees in Buddhist studies.

Currently, more than 250 students study every year at the Institute. RYIF exists to ensure that the Institute and its affiliates are able to sustain their activity levels into the future and to grow.

The Endowment Fund has been established by RYIF to ensure that the Institute and its affiliates are able to sustain and grow their activities into the future. If you wish to Contribute to the Endowment Fund please Click Here.

RYIF has been granted federal tax-exempt status by the IRS.